Bougatsa With Citrus Salad



Makes 8 parcels

For the citrus salad

2 mandarins 

1 orange

1 grapefruit

juice of 1 lime

1 tbsp mint, finely chopped

For the bougatsa

500ml full cream milk

2 eggs

1/4 cup sugar

2 heaped tbsp corn flour

1 tsp vanilla extract

200 g butter melted

375 g Antoniou Fillo Pastry

Recipe tips

Cutting custard portions
Once the custard has set, it should be easy to cut into 8 rectangular portions.

Store in the freezer
Prepare your Bougatsa ahead of time, butter it well and store in the freezer. When you’re ready to serve, place it straight in the oven to bake - no defrosting needed.


For this Fillo Pastry recipe, take your fresh Fillo Pastry out of the fridge at least 2 hours before use to bring it up to room temperature.

Peel the citrus fruits, separate into segments and place in a bowl. Squeeze over the lime and add the mint. Stir and place in the fridge.

For the custard
Place the milk in a saucepan and bring it to a simmer.

In a separate bowl whisk the eggs, sugar and corn flour until fully incorporated with no lumps. Carefully whisk about 1/2 cup warm milk mixture into egg mixture until incorporated, then slowly whisk in remaining milk. Continue whisking until smooth and combined. Return mixture to saucepan and whisk over low heat, add the vanilla and continue to whisk until the mixture thickens and becomes a custard.

Pour the custard into a baking tray and allow to cool completely in the fridge. Separate the custard into 8 portions.

Assembling the Bougatsa
Lay one sheet of fillo with the shorter edge facing you and brush liberally with butter. Lay another sheet on top and brush with butter again. Spoon one portion of the custard along the centre of the bottom part of the pastry, allowing for a 5cm border on either side.

Fold pastry over filling, fold in sides and roll to form a wide parcel. Brush the roll with extra butter and repeat for the remaining pastry and filling. 

Bake for 25 mins or until golden. Allow to cool for 10 minutes before serving with a generous amount of the citrus salad.

Recipe, styling and photography by Souvlaki for the Soul.