Watch how to unravel and separate Kataifi strands for easy use.


Thaw to room temperature  Allow kataifi to thaw completely to room temperature in its packaging, before using (min. 2 hours for chilled kataifi and min. 4 hours for frozen kataifi).

Preparation is key  Have all other ingredients prepared before you start working with the pastry.

Work quickly  To avoid kataifi pastry drying out, work quickly or cover it with a damp tea towel if required.

Unravelling kataifi  The kataifi will be in a tight bundle when removed from the packet.  Open out the bundle and begin separating the strands to “fluff up” and loosen the pastry (see video).

Don’t be afraid   Not as delicate as most people think, you need to be quite vigorous when handling kataifi to get the best results. Pull away and rip handfuls of pastry as required, it is very forgiving.

Unused kataifi  Unused kataifi should be rolled up and sealed tightly in its plastic bag, in the fridge once finished using it.