Good Chef Bad Chef's Adrian Richardson shows us how to prevent Fillo Pastry from drying out. 


- Always allow fillo pastry to come to room temperature before removing from plastic sleeve.

- Remove from the refrigerator a minimum of 2 for the chilled fillo pastry and from the freezer a minimum of 4 hours for the frozen fillo pastry.

- If pastry is not thawed completely it will feel dry and brittle and be prone to cracking and breaking instead of soft and pliable.

- Always prepare all other ingredients and have them at hand before you remove the pastry from its plastic bag. fillo pastry will dry out if left exposed, so it is best to work quickly with the pastry, maybe even covering it with a slightly damp tea towel if required.

- Unused fillo pastry should be rolled up and SEALED TIGHTLY back into its plastic bag, placed back in the packet and returned to the refrigerator as soon as you have finished using it.