“We pride ourselves on being a family-owned and operated business for almost 60 years now, and we endeavour to carry this through all aspects of our business – including the ingredients we source to manufacture our products,” said Antoniou’s principal, Tony Antoniou. “Using Australian-grown and made ingredients is our number one priority – to ensure we get the best quality ingredients and support local business.” 

We are proud to work with Manildra, a like-minded Australian family owned and run business. This story featured in Manildra’s Spring 2018 edition of The Cultivator tells the story of the Antoniou business and the importance of our relationship with Manildra.


The possibilities are endless with kataifi pastry.  Kataifi is a string pastry that acts as a wonderful base to carry almost any flavour combination possible.  Kataifi can be infused with flavours before cooking or even dressed in flavours once cooked to elevate your dish.  Pair it with sweet or savoury ingredients, or even a combination of both. 

Beyond its flavour versatility, kataifi pastry adds incredible texture to any recipe whether it’s baked or fried. Visually, kataifi also brings something special with its organic, string-like nature.  

Get creative with our delicious, tried and tested kataifi recipes.


Kataifi Pastry

First, it’s important to note what kataifi pastry is not. Kataifi pastry IS NOT shredded fillo, rather, it is what we like to call, string pastry.

Kataifi pastry is made completely differently to fillo, which starts out as a batter.  The batter is poured through fine spouts onto a heated metal plate, where it is briefly dried and cooked. It is during this process that the beautiful fine strands of kataifi pastry (string pastry) are formed.

We have perfected the art of making kataifi pastry over the last 60 years and is the reason why here at Antoniou, we’re known as the fillo & kataifi pastry specialists.