Chilled Fillo Pastry (12x 375g per carton) 3 months shelf life

Chilled Thick Fillo Pastry (12x 375g per carton) 3 months shelf life

Frozen Fillo Pastry (12x 375g per carton) 12 months shelf life.



Our Foodservice Pack is available in 6 different size sheets and also in both regular style fillo pastry and also in the thick style fillo pastry.

The size options (approx. size only as variances will occur) are as follows:

Size 001 – 430mm x 280mm

Size 002 – 430mm x 560mm

Size 003 – 430mm x 860mm

Size 004 – 860mm x 860mm

Size 005 – 860mm x 560mm

Size 006 – 860mm x 280mm



Our 500g Catering Packs of fillo pastry are ideal for the smaller commercial users of fillo pastry. For those users who may not require large quantities of pastry per production run, and are using the fillo pastry is smaller batches, this is definitely an attractive option. 

Twelve individual bundles of 500g are wrapped in plastic and then packed into a carton of 12 providing a more convenient and economical alternative to our retail pack for commercial users of our fillo pastry. 

The Catering Pack is sold as a chilled product with a 12 weeks shelf life and is currently only available in our regular fillo pastry style and not in the thick style.

12 x 500g per carton