Since 1960 the Antoniou Fillo team has specialised in making the best fillo pastry possible.

Chris Antoniou migrated to Sydney from Cyprus in 1952, and like many of his generation, with a dream and very little else.  Trained as a tailor he eventually opened up his own tailor shop which he ran with his new bride Marina.

Our History

Learning the art of making fillo pastry by hand whilst working part time in a cake shop to earn extra money, it became clear to Chris and Marina that making and selling fillo pastry was an opportunity that they should explore. 

In 1960 they commenced making fillo pastry in a small converted shop, next door to their tailor shop that they continued to also run. It became clear to them one day, that even though it was much harder work, and they were in fact entering uncharted waters, that they had to make the decision to dedicate all their efforts to their new venture.

Working side by side for many years they built a successful and thriving business that till this day prides itself on the quality of the products it manufacturers. In 1969 the business moved from Glebe to St Peters, where it continued to thrive and grow in many stages until it finally moved to its current location in 2007, a purpose built facility in Moorebank.

Antoniou Fillo Today

The highly specialised and purpose built machinery which we now use to manufacture our fillo pastry has been continually improved and modified over many years. Many people who have visited our premises to see the current production methods in operation are quite amazed to see large lumps of dough rolled and stretched to paper “thiness”

Even though Chris and Marina have long since retired, the business is still today, in the hands of the “family”. It is the epitome of a small family based business that has grown over the years to include a second generation of the family.

Due in part to the fact that we specialise in fillo pastry alone, we have entrenched ourselves as the country’s leading manufacturer of fillo pastry and fillo pastry products.

Until the early 1970’s all fillo pastry was made by hand, a very labour intensive and time consuming process. Visit this link to see Chris Antoniou make fillo pastry by hand.