How many sheets are there in a 375g packet of fillo pastry?

The nature and production processes used to make fillo pastry will always mean that the number of sheets will always vary.
It is generally between 18 - 22 sheets

Can chilled fillo pastry be frozen?

If chilled fillo pastry is frozen for any more than 2-3 days the individual sheets of pastry will start sticking together, which will make it very difficult to use. However once you have used the chilled fillo pastry to prepare a recipe/dish/meal freezing the prepared recipe and cooking it in the future is fine.

What can I use other than butter when cooking with fillo pastry pastry?

One of the advantages of using fillo pastry is that as the end user you are able to decide what type and quantity of fat/shortening to be used in the pastry. Butter, oil, oil sprays and even egg whites can be used.

Are you products suitable for vegetarians?

Both our fillo and kataifi pastry are suitable for vegetarians as they do not contain and animal or dairy products

Where can I find Antoniou products?

Our chilled fillo pastry is very ready available nationally in the major supermarket chains, smaller independent supermarkets, delicatessens, large fruit markets and gourmet food stores. Our kataifi pastry, fillo pastry triangles and fillo spiral pita are not currently available in the major supermarket chains. They are available in some independent supermarkets, delicatessens, large fruit markets and gourmet food stores. Please contact us so we can help you find your nearest stockist.

What is the difference between fillo pastry and puff pastry?

Unlike puff pastry that has butter/fat/shortening already incorporated in it, with fillo pastry the end user decides what type and quantity of butter/fat/shortening is used with the filo pastry. The layering in puff pastry is created by the butter incorporated in the dough, while in fillo pastry it is the layering of the pastry leaves which creates this effect.

How long can I store an opened packet of fillo or kataifi in the fridge for?

Any unused pastry should be tightly wrapped back in the plastic sleeve or bag, making sure that air cannot get to the pastry. If sealed this way the opened, unused filo pastry should last to the best before date printed on the packet.

Can you freeze kataifi pastry?

We manufacture a frozen kataifi pastry which is used predominately for export purposes which has a 12 month shelf life. Chilled kataifi pastry can also be readily frozen. If frozen it must be allowed to come completely to room temperature before opening packet to use. If frozen, the shelf life of the chilled kataifi pastry will be extended by a further 9 months.